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“A store to visit online or in the center of Odemira, which transports you to the past through the fantastic world of traditional Portuguese products.”

Our Store Co-Tradição

Portuguese Traditional Products

Traditum is CoTradição’s registered trademark, well localized in the historical center of the city of Odemira. We’re a shop commercializing traditional Portuguese products, and we’re dedicated exclusively to popular Portuguese arts, where every article is hand-picked by use of a specific criteria, representing each one, their own region in Portugal. We’re a space that distinguishes itself by its products, which are exclusively manufactured by Portuguese artisans with raw materials, exclusively obtained in Portugal. Come and have a journey with us to the past and let yourself be embraced by the local culture and tradition.



Portuguese articles and products

Rekindle Memories While Preserving Authenticity

Past and future in a perfect symbiosis!

Aside from our online presence, it’s well in the middle of the historical center of Odemira where you can find our shop, Cº Tradição, specialized in traditional Portuguese products. Our concept combines both “past and future”, highlighting the traditional techniques used, and its modern innovations, when it comes to the production processes, always maintaining, when possible, the articles’ production’s authenticity with its local, regional, and national soul. We assure that our products are purely traditional, worked on by Portuguese artisans, with raw material obtained exclusively in Portugal.

Our goal, is the production and sale of articles with local, regional, and national characteristics, linking the ancestral production techniques with the innovation provided by modern manufacturing processes, preserving the identity and authenticity of the products.

It’s also our purpose to commercially recover historical marks, articles and products that have been long discontinued, this way allowing the revitalization of our traditions, costumes, and memories. These antique traditional manufacturing techniques are our “warranty seal” that offers excellent quality when it comes to our articles, that surely will please our customers.

A space with a soul

Genuine articles full of history!

A space that distinguishes itself by its capacity of offering genuine articles that will allow you to go back in time. A very special shop that can be visited online or in Odemira, so you can discover and bring back a bit more of the Portuguese culture and traditions. We’re basically the “paradise” of costumes and traditions!