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Traditum is a registered trademark, which is also commercialized by our store CoTradição, well localized in the historical center of the city of Odemira. We’re a shop commercializing traditional Portuguese products, and we’re dedicated exclusively to popular Portuguese arts, where every article is hand-picked by use of a specific criteria, representing each one, their own region in Portugal. We’re a space that distinguishes itself by its products, which are exclusively manufactured by Portuguese artisans with raw materials, exclusively obtained in Portugal. Come and have a journey with us to the past and let yourself be embraced by the local culture and tradition.


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We’re a shop dedicated to the diverse traditional and popular Portuguese arts, where each product was hand-picked by use of a specific criteria, representing a determined region of the country. Amongst many hundreds of articles and national products, we highly recommend our large soap ranges, stationary, toys, games, patchwork, musical instruments, miniatures, clothing, accessories, and shoes.

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